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Natural Gas Meters

Is your new natural gas line in place and you’re ready to have a meter installed? 

  • Install

    Before we can arrange to have a meter installed at your new site, you need to: 

    1. Have a new gas service line installed

    2. Obtain a permit 

    3. Set up a retailer account with a natural gas retailer by visiting and choose the retailer that best meets your needs

    After you’ve checked these three items off your to-do list, we create a work order for your meter installation. Generally, you can expect your meter to be installed within 15 business days from the time these three tasks are complete.


    1. Please arrange for a plumbing/heating professional for the initial lighting of your natural gas appliances. This is not a service that we are able to provide.

    2. Set up a retailer account at well in advance of needing a meter


    Questions? Contact us!

  • Re-install

    Has your gas meter been removed and you would like to have it re-installed? 

    Contact your retailer to request a meter re-install. (You can find your retailer’s phone number on your natural gas bill.) Your retailer will initiate the request process and direct you to contact us. We will explain the meter re-installation process to you and let you know about possible costs. 

    Need a retailer?

    If you don’t have a retailer, you need to set up a retailer account at before we can reconnect your natural gas service.

  • Move, exchange, repair or remove

    To have your natural gas meter moved, exchanged or removed, contact us

  • Seasonal turn off and turn on

    Do you need to have the natural gas service at your cabin or other seasonal property turned on or off? 

    Call your retailer to discuss your request. (You can find your retailer’s phone number on your natural gas bill.) 

    If you are requesting a turn on, your retailer will initiate the process and direct you to contact us to schedule an appointment for turning on the meter and relighting your natural gas appliances. 

    If you are requesting a turn off, your retailer initiates the process, and we will come to turn off your meter. 

    Note: There is a fee for turning your natural gas back on.