• Fort Saskatchewan Hydrogen Blending Project

    Fort Saskatchewan Hydrogen Blending Project

    In a first of its kind project for Alberta, ATCO will blend hydrogen into a subsection of its Fort Saskatchewan natural gas distribution system at a concentration of five percent, by volume. Because combustion of hydrogen emits only water, blending hydrogen into natural gas reduces the greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of the natural gas stream.

    Hydrogen blending is common in other countries, including Australia, where ATCO’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub is already generating hydrogen energy with the help of solar power and delivering it through their existing gas network. In Alberta, ATCO will use hydrogen derived from natural gas, supporting the ongoing exploration and production of Alberta’s abundant natural gas resources and demonstrating the safe and effective blending of hydrogen into the natural gas distribution system.

    Not only will this create a roadmap for substantial greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the future, it will also bring many benefits to the Alberta economy and, most importantly, our customers.


    Location: Fort Saskatchewan

    Category: Renewables

    Highlights: This project was awarded $2.8 million by Emissions Reduction Alberta's (ERA) Natural Gas Challenge.


    • Blending hydrogen into natural gas reduces the greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of the natural gas stream, thus creating a lower carbon energy for our customers. 
    • Leverages our natural gas resources, existing infrastructure, and energy expertise.
    • Alberta can produce ultra-low emissions hydrogen at a lower cost than almost any other jurisdiction in the world.
    • Affordably decarbonizes the production of heat, which is vital to achieve Canada’s long-term emissions and energy goals.