Project Profile

  • Homes for Heroes

    We are leveraging our expertise in modular housing to build a village of 15 tiny homes in SE Calgary for veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces. In partnership with the Homes for Heroes Foundation, the McCann Family Foundation and the Canadian Legacy Project, we are providing housing and a robust support system designed to meet individual veteran’s needs and develop a sense of place and belonging.

    Building upon our long and proud history of supporting the Canadian military, these homes offer our veterans with the amenities, security and privacy they deserve. The community formed by these homes features a resource centre, community gardens and memorials to Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

    ATCO is providing our knowledge in the design, build, manufacture, delivery and placement of units on ATCO-supplied pile foundations. These tiny homes showcase ATCO’s urban design capabilities and will provide a home our military heroes will be proud to call their own – a small gesture when measured against their herculean sacrifice. In total, we have committed a $1.5 million gift-in-kind donation to support the Homes for Heroes Foundation.


    Date: Occupancy - October 2019

    Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

    Client: Homes for Heroes Foundation

    Square Footage: ~300 sq.ft. per unit

    Units: 15 units and a campus

    Features: Full kitchen and bathroom, queen-size bed/couch

    Category: Tiny Homes

    Giving Back To Our Veterans

    For many in the Canadian Armed Forces, the process of being released from their military career and transitioning back into their community can be difficult to navigate. There are an estimated 2,600 homeless veterans in Canada, and the Homes for Heroes concept is a first of its kind program, designed to provide a village-style community where veterans can get back on their feet. Homes for Heroes is not designed as a permanent housing solution, but rather as a place where veterans can work on getting back on their feet before moving on to market housing solutions and becoming mentors for future residents of the tiny home.

    The first village is expected to open in Calgary in the fall of 2019, with a second community in Edmonton slated to be complete in 2020. 

    Curious about ATCO’s permanent modular construction services?

    Homes for Heroes Bedroom
    Homes for Heroes Living Room
    Homes for Heroes Bathroom