Workforce Housing

VIP Living Quarters

Executive cabins offer practical and refined living for managers in remote worksites

For managers working in remote worksites, having the right accommodations that combine convenience, comfort and professionalism can be hard. You need a place close to the job site where you can enjoy the privacy of home, with the workspace and meeting space of an office. You can create that environment with our portable executive cabins.

These all-inclusive management cabins provide superior accommodations for project managers right on remote construction villages, anywhere in Australia. A variety of designs are available and they can be cost-effectively expanded or modified, as your project requires. These spacious portable cabins feature large private rooms with ensuite facilities and fully furnished interiors, and are built for the climate of the Australian outback with comfort and durability in mind.

With one of Australia's largest fleets of modular buildings, we're capable of mobilising accommodations to your site quickly, and can deliver a customised solution to suit your project requirements. 

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