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New Connections

Looking to install natural gas for a new development or property being constructed? Or are you demolishing or renovating a building and need to disconnect, move or alter the path of a natural gas service line? Or are you a commercial customer looking to apply for a new natural gas line?

Simply contact us to get started. 

Call Toll-Free in Alberta: 310-5678

Things to have handy:

  • Your contact information.
  • Site ID or Site location information. Have an existing service but not sure of your Site ID? Check you bill or visit to search for it. 
  • The type of service you require. Note: As of July 1, 2019, there is a new fee for service line disconnection. For more information, look at our service line disconnection FAQ


5 Simple Steps for New Connections

  • telephone
    Phase 1 | Contact us

  • YOU contact us by phone 310-5678 or visit us in person at your local office. Have your site location and service requirements handy! We'll walk through completing the Contract for Service Line form together and talk about fees, required documentation and timelines. (Please note that things like building readiness, location of the new service line and time of year can impact how quickly we can install your new service.)
    If you build more than five homes a year, you may benefit from creating an account for our ATCO Gas Connects community where you can submit new service requests online quickly and easily. If you already have an ATCO Gas Connects account, simply login and submit your request! If you have questions about ATCO Gas Connects, email
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    Phase 2 | Set Up a Retailer Account

  • WE will let you know once your contract has been approved and you have been assigned a Site ID.
    YOU  will use your Site ID to set up a retailer account at If a Site ID has already been created, visit to search for it. .
    *Tip* The sooner your retailer sets up your account, the sooner they will notify our Natural Gas Distribution division. Please do not ask the retailer to post-date the start of your account. This can create delays. 
  • news
    Phase 3 | Inspection

  • YOU let us know your site is ready for inspection once you have set up the retailer account. 
    WE will inspect the site to make sure it is safe and ready for gas line installation. 
    YOUR heating contractor will need to have their work inspected and obtain a proper permit from the local governing authority. This approved permit will need to be provided to our Natural Gas Distribution division. 
  • gas-products-services
    Phase 4 | Natural Gas Service Line Installation

  • WE will arrange for installation of the service line once the site passes inspection. 
  • gas-service-area
    Phase 5 | Meter Installation

  • WE will install the meter once the natural gas service line is in. Make sure you have your permit and retailer in place.
    YOU enjoy your new natural gas service!

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