Permanent Modular Construction

Commercial Office & Sporting Facilities

From accommodation villages to efficient modular homes

Provide the accommodations you need efficiently with offsite permanent construction. Whether it's for a group of workers, a large workforce or the community, we build multi-unit accommodations that are safe, functional, durable and contemporary.

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Accommodation Village

Retaining a skilled and happy workforce is essential to your success, but mining, LNG and oil and gas projects across Australia are often set in remote locations that take workers away from home.

To help your workers perform at their best, we provide everything you need to run an efficient and safe accommodation village, from design and engineering phase to management and maintenance, including catering, housekeeping and janitorial, and security. You can also enhance your workforce village with amenities like fitness and outdoor sports facilities.

We build housing in some of the most challenging locations in Australia, adapting to the terrain, climate and conditions of your long-term project's location.



If there's a shortage of homes in your community, we can help you solve the problem with houses that suit a variety of purposes using permanent offsite construction. Efficient construction is greener and more cost savings than in-situ construction and can help you respond to your community's needs faster.