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Portable Classrooms

Buy or hire demountable classrooms for any education program

Create the perfect environment for your curriculum, whether it's for toddlers or adults, for leisure or professional training.

Classroom size, arrangement and environment all affect learning, for children and adults alike. Give students a bright and spacious education facilities, equipped with the newest technology.

Our portable, demountable classrooms include air conditioning and heat, and they are built to code for a safe and productive learning experience.

Schools at any level, from preparatory and primary school to college and vocational, can make the most of available resources with modular classrooms for their curriculum. Build your entire school using modular construction, or simply add demountables to your existing building to expand your space.

Also, you can incorporate the newest education technology in your smart classrooms. Include features like touch screen boards and panels and multimedia devices to help students learn.  

To keep up with the demand for childcare in your community, modular classrooms can be set up quickly, at the most convenient location, and for the size you need so that you can configure it for everything from structured classes to games to physical activities.

For adults, relocatable classrooms are a great solution for continuing education programs like art classes and yoga classes.

Government agencies and private companies can add classrooms to existing office spaces to create training centres as professional development for highly specialized groups.

Our modular schools come in a variety of floor plans and they can be custom designed to suit your needs. You can add kitchens and washrooms as needed for your curriculum and usage.

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