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It has become increasingly evident that current classroom conditions are not sufficiently protective of our students’ developing bodies and minds. A large body of research has demonstrated that the school building influences their success as much as any other factor. Now it is time to act on behalf of our children and teachers, who develop, learn, and thrive in a healthy environment that optimizes their potential to succeed.

We are leading this effort by working with North American leaders in design and manufacturing to offer a long overdue change in approach. Designed from the student out, our classrooms provide a healthier learning environment which directly impacts students' academic performance. 

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Find out more about how our modular and SAGE classrooms can help students.

SAGE Classrooms

By working with the sustainable design leaders at Portland State University we can now offer the most unique solution to the Canadian market. SAGE classrooms bring the best in design and efficiency to educators and teachers. Focused on providing the optimal student conditions, SAGE classrooms designs focus on air quality, daylighting, thermal health, and noise reduction. These four critical features help us to provide the best learning environment in a simple and cost-effective manner. 

The scientific literature provides overwhelming evidence of the benefits of healthy school buildings. Help students to reach their potential in our classrooms today.

SAGE Modular Classrooms

Learn more about SAGE modular classrooms that feature high ceilings, natural light, and advanced air and temperature control.








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Modular Classrooms

Our modular classrooms create a safe, comfortable learning space for your students to thrive in. As school populations change, you need a quick solution with minimal disruption to your existing space and minimal impact to the environment.

Features include:

  • Administration offices
  • Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Labs
  • Restrooms
  • Daycares
  • Locker rooms

Every building includes large windows, high-quality ventilation systems and safe building materials. Depending on the footprint, they may also be connected to your existing building.

Advanced Education and Training Centres

From facilities for adult learning and continuing education to corporate training centres, modular classrooms are the perfect fit. We can customize your design to include technology for complete networking and electronic whiteboards, and we provide wide-open floor plans for multi-purpose use.

Whether you need a complete school, or just some additional space, we're here to help. We can also provide permanent modular school solutions for-long term requirements.