Help Your Workforce Live Comfortably In Remote Areas

Our Structures & Logistics team has nearly 75 years experience providing durable workforce housing accommodations to meet the needs of any terrain your business (and team) finds itself in across the globe. 

We offer accommodations for any staff size, from the oil fields to large industrial projects. We know the importance of providing safe, reliable and comfortable housing for your workforce while they are working away from home. 


When your business takes you and your team far from home - clean, comfortable and reliable accommodations are a must. At ATCO we take the responsibility of building the best, most efficient workforce housing seriously. Whether you quickly need mobilized space in response to an emergency or a purpose built workforce camp to support a long-term project, we can help. 


Our well site units will feel like a home whenever you need them and are delivered directly to your worksite. They provide warm, comfortable and practical space in the harshest of climates, allowing your team to rest easy so they can work hard to get the job done.

Camp Management Services

We offer turnkey solutions to operate and maintain your workforce housing facility.