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Tuscan Ridge Lodge, California

  • ATCO | Profile: Tuscan Ridge Lodge Fire Relief, California, USA

    Our team responded swiftly, providing emergency temporary shelter and meals to displaced residents during the California wildfires, and rapidly deploying structures to support the relief effort


    This project was a nine-month contract by ECC Constructors LLC (ECC) to provide workforce housing and camp support services for the Tuscan Ridge Lodge near Chico, California—a 1,500-person camp that supported ECC as they undertook the incredible feat of cleaning up and restoring the environment that was devastated by wildfire in late 2018.

    For ATCO, this contract meant delivering a turnkey solution for our customer while overcoming even the most unpredictable obstacles along the way.

    To get the camp up-and-running, most of the modular structures for Tuscan Ridge Lodge first had to travel nearly 2,000 miles from Lakes Charles, Louisiana—where the units were no longer needed—to the camp site in northern California. Once the units completed their long, cross-country journey, our construction crews had to battle the elements—heavy rains and localized flooding that periodically knocked-out power—and acquaint themselves with some more unusual safety procedures, such as those dealing with snakes and snake bites, all while staying ahead of an aggressive construction schedule.



    Date: March 2019 –December 2019

    Location: Paradise, California

    Client: ECC –State of California

    Square footage: approx. 270,000 sq. ft.


    En‐suite bedrooms,


    recreation centres

    Gym and Outdoor Sports

    Market: Government and Disaster Relief, Workforce Housing


    While the 390 temporary modular structures were being installed by our Structures team, our Frontec division was busy sourcing local suppliers for linens, cleaning supplies and food, as well as supporting the hiring of key roles that supported the on-going success of the camp for the duration of the contract, including chefs, housekeepers and security staff.

    The logistics that go into preparing 1,500 rooms for occupancy are wide-ranging, yet we still managed to have Tuscan Ridge Lodge prepared for occupancy in just under 50 days, with the first meals being served to the first 350 guests on April 15, 2019.

    Of ATCO’s work on site, ECC’s Founder and Chairman, Paul Sabharwal, said, “Highly responsive, professional and capable; it has been a pleasure working with the ATCO team throughout this process. We are fortunate to have selected ATCO.”

    To learn more, take a look at the video below.

    Tuscan Ridge Lodge Set up
    Tuscan Ridge Front desk
    Tuscan Ridge Lunch