Our Commitment

ESG Targets

Strategic ESG 2030 Targets

  • In January 2022, we announced an initial set of 2030 ESG targets focused on reducing our operational GHG intensity and customer emissions, growing our renewable energy footprint and transitional products services, increasing economic benefits for Indigenous partners, continuing our focus on safety, and further promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

    We have made progress in 2022 toward achieving our 2030 targets, against a 2020 baseline. Each target is defined in this report or in our ESG Datasheet and is applicable at the ATCO level, including its subsidiaries Canadian Utilities Limited and CU Inc. While we have achieved some of our targets around inclusive growth in our workforce and communities, they signify our ongoing commitment to inclusion practices. We also continue to evaluate additional potential ESG targets in each of our material categories.

  • 2030 ESG Targets Progress
  • 2030 ESG Targets Progress

Roadmap to Net Zero

  • In addition to our 2030 ESG targets, we announced a commitment to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. This means that by 2050, we will either emit no GHGs from our operations or through our customers’ use of our products and services, or we will offset residual emissions.

    Achieving net zero by 2050 is a societal challenge that no individual, business, or government can solve on their own. It will require unprecedented collaboration among all constituents, as well as an informed, pragmatic, and affordable roadmap from policymakers to unlock the necessary scale and pace of private sector investment and expertise.

    With operations across the energy value chain, ATCO will be a leader in driving the energy transition toward cleaner fuels and electricity, without sacrificing the safety, reliability, and affordability of energy that our customers rely on. For more information on our progress in these strategic areas, please click on the links below.

  • Roadmap to Net-Zero