Natural Gas

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Natural gas solutions for your business

Natural gas is economical, safe, clean burning and readily available, making it ideal for commercial and industrial processes, including electricity generation.  

As electricity prices continue to increase, and grid constraints become more of a concern, diversifying your company’s energy portfolio can spread operational risks and potentially deliver cost savings. As the cleanest non-renewable energy source, gas appliances may even improve the green star rating of your premises and increase property resale value.

Once you’re connected to natural gas, there are a number of ways we can help you maximise the value that natural gas can bring to your business, including gas powered air conditioning (GPAC) and natural gas fuelled generation – you may even be eligible for a financial incentive.

Get in touch and let us help you harness the power of natural gas for your business.

WA's Energy Future

What does the future hold for energy in Western Australia? ATCO are working hard to ensure a clean, reliable and affordable energy future for all Western Australians.