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Natural Gas Fuelled Generation

From a medium sized office to industrial-scale factories, natural gas can be used to generate power, heating and cooling on your premises. From leisure centres to hospitality venues, we’ve helped businesses capitalise on the power of natural gas for the benefit of the operator and their customers.

What is it?

Natural gas fuelled generation can be used in a variety of combinations to power, heat and cool your business.

Generation (produces power only)
  • Two main forms: continuous stable base load and rapid response peak or backup electricity demand.
  • Typical installation: where there is no heating / cooling requirement.
  • From small generators through to large scale solutions.
  • For on-site requirements and/or to export electricity to grid.



Produces both heat and power, also known as Combined Heat and Power - CHP

  • Configured to produce both electricity and useful heat.
  • Can achieve significant energy savings by combining electricity and heat generation equipment into one efficient unit.
  • From small generators through to large scale solutions.
  • For on-site requirements and/or export electricity to grid.



Produces cooling, heat and power also known as Combined Cooling Heat and Power - CCHP

  • Can produce electricity and heat, as well as cooling capabilities.
  • Heat recovered is used in absorption chillers to create chilled water.
  • For on-site requirements and/or export electricity to grid.

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Better for your bottom line. Better for the environment. Reduce energy costs, lower electrical power consumption and reduce emissions. 

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Why consider it?

Natural gas fuelled generation is generally installed where power, thermal load and/or cooling load are required or where there is a constraint in available power or power infrastructure on the electricity network, including large office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, factories or hospitals. Installing a system like this can lead to significant environmental, financial and operational benefits.

  • Environmental

    Improve fuel efficiency. Improved efficiency means less fuel is needed, and less carbon is emitted in generating the power you need, indirectly reducing your carbon footprint

    Reduced CO2 emissions. You’ll not only use less fuel by being more efficient, but by swapping out coal-powered electricity for lower-carbon natural gas as a fuel source, you’ll also help directly reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Financial

    Reduced primary energy costs. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity purchased from the grid.

    Provides a hedge against rising electricity costs.

    Reduced network upgrade costs. If your energy demands increase, you’ll be covered - you won’t pay for expensive electricity network upgrades as you’ve already got a system that can support you.

  • Operational

    Provides efficient and reliable base load electricity supply.

    Security of power supply. You’re not reliant upon the electricity grid, and so can count on your energy, even if your neighbours are experiencing outages.

    Simultaneously produces useful thermal energy for heating and cooling. 

  • How do I get it?

    If you’re interested in harnessing the power of natural gas to further fuel your business, our helpful business specialists can assess your needs, develop a proposal, get you the infrastructure required and arrange to have it installed in your business.

  • Key facts:

    The gas generation equipment is owned, operated and maintained by ATCO.

    ATCO lease the equipment to the customer for a term.

    Achieve immediate cash flow benefit over the term of the agreement.

    At the end of the lease term, you then will have the flexibility of options to continue operation of the equipment, take ownership of the equipment, or let ATCO remove it from your site.

If you’d like to know more, contact us and one of our business specialists will be happy to help.

Generation Financial Incentives

Receive up to $25,000* when you install gas powered Generation in your business. *Terms and Conditions apply.