Our Commitment

ATCO Gas Sustainability Strategy


    Our sustainability ambition is to deliver short and long-term economic, environmental and social benefits for our customers and community partners, through our shared journey towards net zero by 2050.

    We will achieve this through our continued focus on health and safety; diversity and inclusion; Indigenous engagement; and investment to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and improve the resilience of our organisation to climate change and the energy transition.

    We are continually evolving and maturing our approach to sustainability over time we are excited to build on our long history of good corporate citizenship both in Australia and globally through our new strategy.


    As a gas distributor, we play a unique role across the gas supply chain in Western Australia…

  • Influence Enable
    Deliver Change
    Influence Educate

    We can influence and enable our upstream supply chain to increase clean fuel production, by ensuring our distribution network can carry these fuels

    We are best placed to deliver change through our areas of direct control – the design and operation of our distribution pipelines and business

    We can influence the uptake of clean fuels through advocacy and play an active role in industry groups. We will educate the public to be gas safe and raise awareness of the evolution of gas towards cleaner fuels


The regulatory landscape is rapidly changing, with a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) focused legislation, policy reforms, and reporting requirements expected to be implemented in the near term.

ATCO Gas Australia anticipates that the following reforms will impact our business directly, or indirectly through our supply chain, as they come into effect. A priority within this Sustainability Strategy is to ensure we comply with emerging obligations, and proactively adjust our business

in anticipation of impacts up and down our supply chain.



As a business that operates to serve the public, we have a duty to act responsibly, ethically, and proactively in responding to the global and domestic industry trends that are shaping our future operating environment including:

The WA economy is still in recovery from the impact of COVID 19.

There is competition for labour and materials that will impact delivery of future projects.

Rising inflation is impacting both our supply chain and our customers making the imperative to keep prices low even more important.

The energy transition has momentum, presenting challenges to our business including decarbonisation of the network and diversification of energy sources.


Our Vision: Creating prosperity and opportunity for generations to come

Our Mission: To be the leading gas network operator providing safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. As a business that operates to serve the public, we have a duty to act responsibly and ethically in proactively responding to the global and industry trends that are defining the future.

Our Sustainability Ambition: To deliver short and long term economic, environmental and social benefits for our customers and community partners through our shared journey towards net zero emissions by 2050.


Compliance with Australian laws and regulations is vital to our business success, and our stakeholders expect transparent reporting. We take responsibility for ensuring that we operate with integrity and accountability for our stakeholders.

We are committed to compliance with all laws and regulations that may apply to us as an Australian business, both now and in the future.

We are efficient and thorough in our compliance, with a non-siloed system that encourages subject matter ownership with rigorous central oversight.

We value transparency and integrity and hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders by aligning ourselves with best practice ESG frameworks and reporting on instances of non-compliance within our annual sustainability report.

We actively work to anticipate ESG compliance and reporting developments so that we can plan strategically for the future.


We take responsibility for our environmental footprint and support the decarbonisation of Western Australia.

We are focused on reducing our scope 1 and 2 emissions, in line with ATCO Group priorities, State and Federal targets. Our long-term vision of being net zero by 2050 is supported by realistic and actionable 2030 emission reduction targets, with a focus on reducing the occurrence and climate-related impacts of unaccounted for gas (UAFG).

We will understand the physical climate risk profile of our assets, and take action to address risks, taking into account safety and economic impacts.

We will maintain our positive environmental record, and strengthen our capability and capacity in this area.

Climate Change


ATCO Gas Australia aspires to support a clean energy future, by ensuring our network remains efficient while enabling the introduction and blending of renewable gases such as biomethane and renewable hydrogen.

Our operations and investments will support the transition for a clean energy future. Success in this area will help to create and sustain new employment opportunities, and reduce our customer’s emissions by ensuring our network is able to accept increasingly larger volumes of renewable gases. This will

be driven by, and be consistent with, the global and industry trends that are defining our energy future.


At ATCO Gas Australia, we see ourselves as part of the fabric of the communities in which we operate. Our values of ‘collaboration’ and ‘caring’ drive our commitment to local community and Indigenous partnerships.

We have a role to play in sharing the economic value created by ATCO Gas Australia to support a healthy, prosperous community. We will ensure that our engagement and partnerships are genuine, and are appropriate for our sphere of influence.

Indigenous engagement

  • Increase procurement spend from Indigenous suppliers
  • Reduce barriers to enable Indigenous employment and retention, and supplier engagement
  • Actively develop the cultural competency of all our employees 

Community partnerships

  • Foster healthy, sustainable, and prosperous communities
  • Support and engage local businesses




United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As a provider of energy, structures, logistics and other essential services, ATCO contributes to all 17 of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, both directly and indirectly.

Learn more about how ATCO is contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals