Natural Gas

Accessing Gas

Connecting to the Network

ATCO operate and maintain WA’s largest natural gas distribution network and deliver a cost effective, sustainable energy choice to more than 800,000 homes and businesses in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and the south-west. 

You can be connected to our gas network in just a few easy steps. Whether you’re in an established home or building a new one, it’s easier than ever to get connected. Simply follow our step by step guide.

Did you know that carbon neutral natural gas is already available from gas retailers in WA? Talk to your retailer to find out more.  

Connecting to gas - steps residential
Your step by step process to get natural gas connected to your home

Established Homes

  • Carbon Neutral Natural Gas

    Carbon neutral natural gas is already available from some gas retailers. Talk to your retailer today.

  • Natural Gas is Cost Effective

    In WA, gas is delivered to a home at around half the cost of grid based electricity on a per c/kWh basis.*

  • Natural Gas is reliable

    Natural gas appliances can still work during a power outage and gas outages are rare.

Contact a gas retailer to get connected


The first step in getting connected to the gas network is to contact a gas retailer. ATCO are not a gas retailer, we own and operate the gas network, ensuring safe, reliable and affordable natural gas is delivered to your home or business. We do not sell natural gas like a gas retailer. ATCO are only one part of the gas supply chain which includes 'Production', 'Transmission pipelines', 'Distribution pipelines' (this is where ATCO come in) and 'Retail'. A list of gas retailers with contact information can be found below. 



13 38 35

Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy

13 13 58

Simply Energy

Simply Energy

1300 029 604



13 21 80

Origin Energy

Origin Energy

13 13 58

Alternatively you can contact a licenced gasfitter to get started

Find a licensed gasfitter on the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association website. Then, one of our friendly Gas Distribution personnel will come out to your home to finish the connection for you. 

New Homes

  • Speak to your builder about connecting to natural gas.
  • Your builder will work directly with your chosen gas retailer to organise the connection.
  • Your connection will be completed as part of your ‘pre-start’ process.

Your natural gas connection should be complete and ready to use when you move in.

Natural gas is safe, affordable and reliable

Learn more about the benefits of natural gas. 

* For more information please see the WA State Government's Electricity & Gas pricing information. Comparisons do not take appliance efficiency into account, appliance use is at the discretion of the property owner.