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The Operate Commercial Vehicle course teaches the skills and knowledge required to maintain the safety of and to operate, a commercial vehicle across a variety of job roles. 

It includes monitoring traffic and associated equipment, managing vehicle condition and performance, and effectively managing hazardous situations.

Driving must be carried out in accordance with relevant state/territory roads and traffic authority licence requirements and regulations.

Driving is performed with limited supervision, and with duty of care responsibility for self and others in achieving the prescribed outcomes.

Licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements are applicable to this unit. Provisional car licence must be held prior to commencement of this unit of competency.



This unit of competency (TLIC1051 Operate Commercial Vehicle) can be used as either core or elective units within many nationally endorsed qualifications.

This course is part of ATCO Gas Australia’s Cert III Gas Supply Industry Operations qualification.

Our Operate Commercial Vehicle training is suitable for those looking to use a Commercial Vehicle in their workplace, who need to fulfil an employment requirement, or people who want to have the ability to use a commercial vehicle in an everyday situation.

Having this qualification can also benefit people looking for employment; with the current industry focus on workplace safety, having a current Operate Commercial Vehicle accreditation gives you an advantage over other job-seekers; especially for high risk workplaces.

Length of course: Study - 6 hours | Assessment - 2 hours

Contact ATCO Gas Australia Training Department for further information if required. 


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Information about the course

  • Content
    •  Checking and replenishing fluids and carrying out lubrication processes
    • Applying precautions and required action to minimise, control or eliminate identified hazards
    • Operate commercial vehicle
    • Monitor traffic and road conditions
    • Monitor and maintain vehicle performance
    • Fatigue management strategies including on-road techniques
    • Pre-operational checks carried out on vehicle and related action
    • Driving hazards and related defensive driving techniques
    • Efficient driving techniques
    • Engine power management and safe driving strategies
    • Procedures to be followed in a driving emergency
    • Relevant state/territory road traffic authority road rules, regulations, permit and licence requirements
    • Factors that may cause traffic delays and diversions, and related action that can be taken
    • Vehicle controls, instruments and indicators and their use
    • Low-risk driving behaviours
  • Pre-requisites

    There are no Prerequisites for this course at the time of publication. Intermediate level of English, literacy, language and numeracy are required to successfully complete this course.

    However the minimum for attending ATCO Gas Australia’s Training is Long Pants, Long Sleeves shirt (Preferably Hi Visibility) Safety Boots and valid photo identification and Unique Student Identification Number. 

    Contact ATCO Gas Australia Training Department for further information if required. 


  • Assessment Methods
    • Written assessment
    • Practical assessment
  • Session Duration and Location
    • 1 Day (8 hours)
    • Commencing 8:00 am (registration at 7:45 am)
    • Location – 81 Prinsep Road, Jandakot
  • Cost of course
    • $135.00