Open Trench Request Form

Open Trench Requests

If you are a developer, builder, or gas fitter and need to install multiple gas connections on a residential or commercial premises please complete an Open Trench Booking Form. Open trench bookings apply to all unit connections; both new and established connections.



ATCO can provide two operating pressures when installing a gas connection; 1.25kpa and 2.75 kpa. Please contact your gas retailer for which pressure is available at your premises. 



When submitting your Open Trench Booking Request, please provide site plans including the below information:

• Site address

• Site contact 

• Meter box location (please highlight on site plan)

• Proposed trench location

• Line of the trench

• Example site plans

Open Trench Request Form

The Open Trench Request Form can be accessed below. 

Booking Processing Time

All bookings are made a minimum of ten (10) business days from receiving the Open Trench Booking Request Form.

All open trench bookings are for a period of two hours. For ATCO to complete these works the trench at the premise needs to be open at the start time of your booking and a contact is required to be on-site.



If the trench required is for a single dwelling (house behind a house), and the service length exceeds 20 meters inside of the property boundary, additional fees may apply. Please contact your retailer for additional information.


Contact details

For help with this form please email or contact 13 13 56 between 7.00AM and 6.00PM, Monday - Friday.

Frequently asked questions

  • When do I need to dig the trench?

    When do I need to dig the trench?

    For safety purposes it is strongly suggested that the trench is excavated no more than a day before your booking. If the trench is left unmanned it should be barricaded.


  • Trench depth

    How deep does the trench need to be?

    If the trench is serving two or more dwellings, the trench needs to be 750mm deep. If the trench is for a single dwelling (house behind a house), it will need to be 600mm deep.

  • Urgent requests

    What happens if this is an urgent request?

    If you have an urgent Open Trench Booking Request please contact ATCO on 13 13 56

    Please note: the minimum processing time is ten (10) business days, there is no guarantee ATCO will be able to process a booking before this time.

  • Separation from other utilities

    How much separation do we need from other utilities?

    You will need a minimum of 150mm separation from other utilities.

  • Backfilling the trench

    Who backfills the trench?

    ATCO contractors will put 300mm of cover and tape over the top of the gas pipe. It is the trench provider’s responsibility to backfill the remainder of the trench.


ATCO collects this information for the purpose of providing our services to you. We may provide the information to our related entities and to third parties including local government, government authorities and other service providers. For more information on how ATCO collects, uses, holds and discloses your personal information, see our privacy policy

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