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LPG Conversion to Natural Gas

Save on Energy costs and save space

Enjoy the reliability and cost benefits of natural gas. Save space on your premises and avoid the inconvenience of LPG delivery by switching from bottled or tanked LPG to connected natural gas. 

Commercial & Industrial customers include:

  • Hospitals
  • Lifestyle Villages
  • Hospitality
  • Correctional Facilities 
  • Laundries 
  • Aquatic Centres
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Education Facilities 

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Convert to Natural Gas from LPG for lower energy costs, a more reliable supply and to save space on site. 

Switching is easy. The first step in switching from LPG to Natural gas is to contact ATCO. ATCO will then perform an in depth energy analysis on your business to determine potential cost and C02 savings. The final step is working together with you to connect your business to the ATCO network. 

LPG to Natural Gas Table

Henley Brook Tavern Case Study

Estimated annual net LPG cost

$54,000 pa

Estimated annual net natural gas cost

$13,500 pa

Estimated net saving

$40,500 pa 

The Hen

HENLEY BROOK TAVERN moved from LPG to natural gas and is saving 75% on their energy bills. "My name is Justin Rogan and I’m Co Owner of The Henley Brook Tavern in the Swan Valley. ATCO contacted me around a year ago to discuss the possibility of transitioning our Pub from LPG gas over to mains natural gas as the venue across the road had recently extended the Natural Gas line to their property. ATCO had the idea that as the gas line was now in close proximity to our venue it was the right time to jump on board with mains gas.

After discussions with the ATCO team and our in house management team we made the decision to go ahead. The transition was made really easy due to the ATCO team's understanding of the specifics of our time sensitive demands, as we are running a very busy pub and the effect that any down time would have on our trade.

We got it done and the results have been amazing. Our monthly gas bills on LPG were around $4000 a month, they are currently, consistently $1000 a month. Game changing!"

Justin Rogan, Director.
The Henley Brook.

Combined Heat & Power

Reduce energy costs, reduce emissions with fast ROI and flexible fitout.