Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations

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The Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations course teaches the skills and knowledge required to operate excavator operations to lift carry and place materials.

This unit applies to those working in site based roles.

Licensing, legislative, regulatory and certification requirements that apply to this unit can vary between states, territories, and industry sectors, and must be sourced from state jurisdictions prior to applying this unit.

This unit alone does not provide sufficient skill to independently load and unload equipment.

To perform this activity safely, personnel must either complete or be assisted by someone who has completed RIIHAN308F Load and Unload Plant or equivalent.


This unit of competency (RIIMPO320F Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations) can be used as either core or elective units within many nationally endorsed qualifications.

This course is part of ATCO Gas Australia’s Cert III Gas Supply Industry Operations qualification.

ATCO Gas Australia’s Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations training is suitable for those looking to use an Excavator in their workplace, who need to fulfil an employment requirement, or people who want to have the ability to use an Excavator in an everyday situation.

This Unit of Competency is an elective from Group A of the RII30815 Cert III in Civil Construction Plant Operations. This qualification reflects the role of a skilled operator working with civil construction plant, who applies a broad range of skills in a varied work context, using some discretion and judgement and relevant theoretical knowledge. The individual may provide theoretical advice and support a team.

Having this qualification can also benefit people looking for employment; with the current industry focus on workplace safety, having a current Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations accreditation gives you an advantage over other job-seekers; especially for Civil Construction and Utilities workplaces. 

Length of course: Study - 12 hours | Assessment - 4 hours

Contact ATCO Gas Australia Training Department for further information if required. 


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Information about the course

  • Content

    On successful completion of this unit Candidates will have the ability to complete the tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria of this unit.

    The candidate must demonstrate completion of excavator operations that safely, effectively and efficiently follows workplace procedures to carry out work activity on at least two occasions, and include:

    • Conducting prestart checks prior to commencing operations and shutdown procedures on completion of operations
    • Driving and operating the equipment, and adjusting techniques to site conditions
    • Completing operations to specification using at least two different material types and activities including:
      • lifting and carry materials
      • bulk excavation
      • mixing/backfilling
      • trench excavation
      • stockpiling
      • battering
      • benching
      • site clean up
    • Selecting, fitting, testing, using and removing at least two attachments, the attachment must be certified and approved in line with workplace procedures and could include, but not limited to, the following:
      • tilt bucket
      • buckets
      • lifting device
    • Assisting with loading and unloading skid steer loader from float/trailer
    • Parking and securing equipment


    In the course of the above work the candidate must also:

    • Locate and apply relevant documentation, policies and procedures
    • Select and wear personal protective equipment required for work activities
    • Carry out vehicle refuelling requirements and procedures where applicable
    • Apply safe work practices, identifying and reporting all potential hazards, risks and environmental issues
    • Apply problem solving and troubleshooting techniques when operating equipment
    • Monitor and manage equipment performance using indicators and alarms
    • Identify common equipment faults
    • Apply levelling techniques
    • Select and use the required tools and equipment
    • Apply methods of changing machine attachments
    • Establish weight of load
    • Manage changes in the loads centre of gravity during transportation
    • Use a range of communication techniques and equipment essential to the safe completion of work activity, including hand, audible and other signals
    • Meet written and verbal reporting requirements and procedures associated with equipment operations
    • Organise work activities to meet all task requirements
  • Pre-requisites

    There are no Prerequisites for this course at the time of publication. Intermediate level of English, literacy, language and numeracy are required to successfully complete this course.

    However the minimum for attending ATCO Gas Australia’s Training is Long Pants, Long Sleeves shirt (Preferably Hi Visibility) Safety Boots and valid photo identification and Unique Student Identification Number. 

    Contact ATCO Gas Australia Training Department for further information if required. 


  • Assessment Methods
    • Theory assessment
    • Oral assessment
    • Practical assessment
  • Session Duration and Location
    • 2 Days (16 hours)
    • Commencing 8:00 am (registration at 7:45 am)
    • Location – 81 Prinsep Road, Jandakot
  • Cost of course

    Contact ATCO Training Department for current price or a quote.