Disconnection and Removal of Gas Meter Form

Disconnection Requests

If you need to disconnect or remove your gas meter only, please apply directly through your Gas Retailer.

This application is not to be used for meters that are M18AL or above. Please contact the relevant gas retailer to apply for these meters to be disconnected and removed on the customer’s behalf.


Safety Warning

Property demolition must not begin until ATCO has confirmed to the Customer that all gas services have been disconnected and all gas meters removed. All due care and skill must be taken when conducting demolition at the Property, including to carry out any necessary investigations, to ensure no damage is sustained to ATCO’s infrastructure at the Property.


Application Processing Time

Applications are processed within three business days of your Retailer (if applicable) submitting their service request and providing all conditions* have been met.


Disconnection and removal of gas meter Request Form

The Disconnection and Removal of Gas Meter and/or Service Form can be accessed below.

Please note, as mentioned below in the 'Fees' section, a change to the way payments will be made will take effect from the 16th February 2022.


The service fee for ATCO to disconnect a gas service is $875.75 incl. GST. If ATCO is required to remove a gas meter, additional charges may be payable direct to the relevant gas retailer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: From the 16th February 2022, all disconnection and removal of gas meter jobs will need to be pre-paid with successful payment occurring before any work commences. Payment can be made via the new online form, which will go live on the 16th February 2022, replacing the current Disconnection and Removal of Gas Meter online form. Payments can be made via credit/debit cards issued by Visa or MasterCard and are securely processed by Westpac Banking Corporation. If you would like to discuss this change with an ATCO representative, or need further clarity on the change, please contact ATCO on 13 13 56.


Contact details

For help with this form or for any enquiries please contact 13 13 56 between 7.00AM and 6.00PM, Monday - Friday or email

Frequently asked questions

  • Application processing times

    How long following submission of my application will the works be completed?

    Your application will be processed within three business days of your Retailer (if applicable) submitting their service request and providing all conditions* have been met.

    Works will commence within 10 business days following application being processed.


  • Is my property connected?

    How do I know if there is gas running to my property?

    Please submit an enquiry to and confirmation will be provided by ATCO.

  • Confirmation of works for councils

    My local Council has requested a notice confirming completion of disconnection works. Who will provide this?

    On completion of works, ATCO will provide a notice of completion to the email address provided on your application.

  • Application for disconnection of M18AL+ meter

    How do I submit an application for disconnection of an M18AL+ meter?

    This should be submitted via your Retailer. If you have any enquiries please send to

  • No gas retailer account?

    What should I do if I haven’t got an active account with a Retailer? 

    Please submit an enquiry to and advice on how to proceed will be provided by ATCO.

  • Invoices

    When will an invoice for the works be issued?

    ATCO will invoice customer for the service charges as soon as practicable after ATCO’s works have been completed.


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