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gas powered air conditioning

Reduce Energy costs and emissions

With the concept becoming more and more popular in WA we’re helping businesses achieve significant cost and emissions savings through gas powered air conditioning.

In large commercial scale applications – like office blocks, cafes and other mixed use spaces, running cost savings of up to 40%, in some cases more, while also reducing carbon emissions compared with drawing electricity from the grid. - See benefits of gas page for more information

What is it?

Gas Powered Air Conditioning (GPAC) uses a high efficiency gas-powered compressor to compress the refrigerant and provide cooling and heating to your premises using traditional reverse cycle technology.

Not only can GPAC systems heat and cool efficiently and effectively, but they are able to do both at the same time across different zones - for example, allowing one room to be cooled, and another heated simultaneously. They can also be set up to provide hot water. 

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Find out how GPAC could save your business up to 40% on its energy costs.*

Fact sheets and Information

Why Use GPAC?
  • Hedge against insufficient power available from the electricity network.
  • Avoid electricity peak demand charges.
  • Could save up to 40% on your energy costs.*
  • Diversify your energy use to limit impact of electricity price increases.
  • Increase gas buying power across your business.
  • Reduce operational noise.
  • Lower costs - if your site is a heritage or older building, or is facing an expensive electrical upgrade (GPAC does not require 3 phases).
  • Reliability of cooling and heating, even if the power is out.


GPAC has scored green star ratings in three different areas:
  • Energy: reduced peak energy demand.
  • Water: savings from the non-use of a cooling tower.
  • Emissions: due to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


* Prices are calculated as per consumer tariffs August, 2021. Gas Price 13.97 $/Gj (0.05 $/kWh): Electricity Price (0.18 4/kWh). Contact ATCO for more information

Combined Heat & Power

Reduce energy costs, reduce emissions with fast ROI and flexible fitout.