Natural Gas

WA Gas Network

The Natural Gas Network in Western Australia

Gas is a fantastic source of energy – for homes, businesses and industry.

We look after Western Australia’s largest reticulated gas network, with more than 14,000km of pipeline serving the Perth metropolitan area and regional centres including Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Bunbury and Albany – and many towns and centres in between.

Our network mostly transports natural gas to your home, although in Albany the network operates slightly differently, delivering liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to homes and businesses.

As Perth continues to grow and develop, we are focused on expanding the network to meet that growth, as well as maintaining existing infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient supply for years to come. 

If you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of gas at your home or business then you’ll need to talk to a gas retailer to set up an account. No matter what your needs there are a range of retailers that can assist.

The Economic Regulatory Authority website has a full and current list of natural gas retailers.

Read more about our network, including the gas supply chain in Western Australia, how your gas supply is regulated, and current projects underway to improve and expand your access to natural gas in Western Australia.

There are lots of benefits to converting your business to gas

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Network Expansion

ATCO is focused on growing the Western Australian natural gas network, for Western Australians. Currently there is over $13+ million of in-ground network expansion underway.

ATCO continues to expand its gas network to support the growth of Western Australia. Our key growth areas within the metropolitan area reflect the growth areas of Perth and its surrounding suburbs. These include:

  • Yanchep/Two Rocks 26km
  • Yunderup 8km
  • Byford 6.7km
  • Ellenbrook spur line 2.7km
  • Future of Gas

ATCO has invested in providing more gas resources in Western Australia by:

Helping developers save

A case-by-case assessment is made for all new land developments, assisting developers with their plans so home buyers will have access to natural gas.

Supporting residential and industrial growth

Providing the gas pipelines to subdivisions within business developments so that homebuyers have access to natural gas and all the benefits natural gas provides.

Connecting more homes and businesses

Actively growing the reticulated gas network and network connections, allowing more WA residents the ability to use natural gas.

With continued strong growth rates in Western Australia and a continued urban sprawl, ATCO Gas is committed to supplying natural gas for the broader community.

  • Future of Gas

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