Natural Gas in WA

Connecting to the Network

Connecting your business to natural gas

When you understand all the benefits natural gas can bring to your business, if you’re not already connected, it makes sense to get connected as soon as possible.

It’s our job to make the process of connecting as smooth as possible for our commercial and industrial customers. Natural gas users enjoy safe, reliable and affordable energy.

ATCO operates a distribution network of varying characteristics, we are able to supply any technical or physical characteristics of the pipeline that may affect access to, or use of the pipeline, or the price for pipeline services and are happy to work with you. Please contact us for more information. This information is also available through your retailer. 

Commercial Gas Requests and Estimates

For Commercial Gas Estimates (CGE) and Commercial Gas  Requests (CGR) please visit the relevant page in the ATCO Self Service section or click the relevant button below. 

Commercial Gas Estimate (CGE)

A Commercial Gas Estimate is an informal price estimate provided directly to the customer which provides a price indication only for establishing a commercial gas connection.  This estimate is provided upon receipt of the required information, submitted through a Commercial Gas Estimate. Upon receipt of all required information ATCO will respond with a desktop estimate within 25 business days. For more information please see the Commercial Gas Estimate page, located in our self service section. 

Please note that in order to proceed with a Commercial Gas Connection, a retailer will need to be selected and a Commercial Gas Request submitted.


Commercial Gas Request (CGR)

A Commercial Gas Request is a request by a retailer for a formal quote for works to establish a commercial gas connection. Once a complete request has been submitted and verified, ATCO will provide the retailer with a formal quotation within 25 business days. Detailed and accurate information is required as part of this process in order to supply an accurate quotation. For more information, or to lodge a Commercial Gas Request, please see our Commercial Gas Request page, located in our Self Service Section. 

The following energy retailers can submit a Commercial Gas Request:


Both Commercial Gas Estimates and Commercial Gas Requests apply to the following gas distribution networks that are owned and operated by ATCO:

  • Perth Metro reticulated network
  • Mid-West distribution network
  • South-West distribution network
  • Kalgoorlie distribution network
  • Albany distribution network

Download the CGC Terms &Conditions


WA Network coverage

So you know we cover most of Perth and some of WA’s biggest regional centres. But where exactly are the pipes that help bring the natural gas to you?

View the maps below to see how we move the gas around Western Australia.

Receipt or delivery point change policy

ATCO’s receipt or delivery point change policy is detailed in ATCO’s Access Arrangement

In addition, for a receipt point change:

ATCO maintains the list of receipt points in accordance with Retail Market Procedure Clause 15 – Identification of sub-networks, gas zones and gate points. ATCO must provide at least 40 business days’ notice to AEMO and Users of its intention to change or add new receipt point(s).

Furthermore, for a delivery point change:

ATCO provides change notices to AEMO and relevant Users when:

a) a new delivery point is connected to the GDS, in which case ATCO must promptly provide a notice in accordance with RMP Clause 65 – MIRNs becoming commissioned for the first time;  

b) a delivery point is decommissioned (turned off) or recommissioned (turned on) in accordance with RMP Part 3.5 – Disconnection and reconnection of delivery points;

c) a delivery point is permanently removed from the GDS in accordance with RMP Part 3.6 – Removing delivery points and deregistering MIRNs;


Balancing policy (template service agreement)

ATCO’s balancing policy is detailed in its template service agreement, which forms part of ATCO’s Access Arrangement.

For policies related to self-contracting customers: See section 5.6 of AEMO’s “OVERVIEW GUIDE TO THE WESTERN AUSTRALIAN GAS RETAIL MARKET." The prospective self-contracting customers should contact AEMO for information and guidance on market registration and entry.

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