Natural Gas in WA

Connecting to the Network

Connecting your business to natural gas

When you understand all the benefits natural gas can bring to your business, if you’re not already connected, it makes sense to get connected as soon as possible.

It’s our job to make the process of connecting as smooth as possible for our commercial and industrial customers. Natural gas users enjoy: 

  • Cheaper energy
  • Cleaner energy
  • Reliable energy

The WA Gas Network

ATCO own the largest gas netwrok in Western Australia with over 14,000 km of pipes, connectiong more than 750,000 home and businesses to natural gas. Learn more about the WA gas network.

Commercial Gas Estimate

A Commercial Gas Estimate is an informal price estimate provided directly to the customer which provides a price indication only for establishing a commercial gas connection.  This estimate is provided upon receipt of the required information, submitted through the Commercial Gas Estimate online form. Upon receipt of all required information ATCO Gas Australia will respond within 5 business days.

Please note that in order to proceed with a Commercial Gas Connection, a retailer will need to be selected and a Commercial Gas Request submitted.


Commercial Gas Request (CGR)

Commercial Gas Request is a request by a retailer for a formal quote for works to establish a commercial gas connection. Once a complete request has been submitted and verified, ATCO will provide the retailer with a quote within 20 business days. Detailed and accurate information is required as part of this process in order to supply an accurate quotation.

The following energy retailers can submit a Commercial Gas Request:


Both Commercial Gas Estimates and Commercial Gas Requests apply to the following gas distribution networks that are owned and operated by ATCO:

  • Perth Metro reticulated network
  • Mid-West distribution network
  • South-West distribution network
  • Kalgoorlie distribution network
  • Albany distribution network


To proceed with a Commercial Gas Estimate or Commercial Gas Request, select the applicable option below or contact ATCO on (08) 6163 5000 or via email:

Download the CGC Terms &Conditions