Natural Gas in WA

Builders and Land Developers

For builders and land developers

An efficient, safe and cost-effective energy solution, natural gas should form part of the energy mix for any new commercial or residential development – from office blocks, to multi-unit dwellings to new land estates.

There’s a lot to consider, but we’re here to help, and can support you through the process of connecting your new development to Western Australia’s natural gas network.

For builders

As you plan construction, we can help at every stage by providing:

  • Confirmation on the availability of natural gas in your area
  • Technical advice and support in preparation of connections
  • A direct connection service coordinating the installation of your natural gas lines and meters.

Technical guides to support the entire process:

Why connect to gas?

Natural gas is an important part of the energy mix of any residential development. Find out why natural gas is a must have for homeowners or tenants.

Not sure if natural gas should be part of your development?

The process

ATCO is the distributor of natural gas to the Perth metro area. For business, builder or land developer technical enquiries, please contact us. For customer account & setup requirements, please refer to your chosen gas retailer.

  1. If a property needs to be connected to gas for the first time, the gasfitter or builder needs to lodge a Request for Gas (RFG) supplied by your retailer.
  2. The natural gas meter box must be fitted in accordance with the Gas Meter Box Location Handbook (3.7 MB) before submitting the Request for Gas form.
  3. When gas fitting is complete, the gasfitter needs to lodge a notice of completion to ATCO via Energy Safety’s eNotice system or email
  4. For assistance or more information please Contact us and one of our Builder specialists will be happy to help.

  • Meter Boxes

    For building projects old or new, the location of the natural gas meter box is an important part of the connection process. 

  • Builders

    When developing a property, there’s a lot to consider, including how to best incorporate natural gas into the energy mix. 

  • Land Developers

    We’re committed to working with land developers to expand our current gas network so we can continue to build and support WA communities.

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