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Meter Boxes

Meter boxes

For building projects old or new, the location of the natural gas meter box is an important part of the connection process. Making sure there’s safe access to the meter box for both the homeowner and our staff is our priority.

By law ATCO must be allowed access to the meter box at all times so we can read the meter, and are able to connect or disconnect the supply if need be. 

You can get all the information you need from the Gas Meter Box Location Handbook  (6.2 MB) 

For details on the correct meter to install please review our current Technical Notice: TN0009 Domestic Gas Meter Diversity ( 284 KB).

For information on space saving solutions for multi-dwelling properties, see our Multi-Unit Meter Box Sheet​ (​​ 708 KB​)

If there is an existing gas meter which needs to be moved, please see the meter alteration request page in ATCO's self service portal. – for the relocation of a gas meter and/or gas service pipe work upstream of the gas meter. Ensuring that you install the correct gas meter for your clients saves them time and money. It can save you money too. 

To help you make the right choice, use our handy quick reference guide that allows you to simply and accurately calculate the right gas meter size for domestic use.

Download your Domestic Gas Meter Diversity Card​​​ ( 140 KB)

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