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Customer Service and Complaints


At ATCO, we will always strive to ensure you receive a high level of service when interacting with us.  We realise from time to time we may not always meet your expectations but would like to hear from you in an effort to improve and learn from your experience.   We will work with you to investigate and resolve your complaint plus maintain your privacy, consistent with our privacy policy​. 

Our aim is to ensure that you will never need to refer to our complaint handling process, but if you do, you can trust that we will apply a fair and impartial approach to reach a resolution with you.

Is it an emergency?

Have you hit a gas line? Or do you smell gas? Call ATCO's Faults and Emergencies number - 13 13 52

For all General Enquiries, you can also call ATCO on 13 13 56

You can also email our Customer relations team:

  • What is the difference between a complaint and a query?

    A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to or about ATCO related to its products, services, staff or the handling of a complaint, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected or legally required.

    A query is a request for information about a product or service provided by ATCO that does not reflect dissatisfaction.

  • Who can lodge a complaint and how can I do that?

    Anyone can lodge a complaint with us, at no cost, as we are keen to be given the opportunity to resolve any issues you may have.

    For ease of contact, there are a few ways you can lodge your complaint:

    • Contact us on 13 13 56, (business hours, Monday - Friday, except public holidays)
    • Write to us at Locked Bag 2, Bibra Lake DC, WA 6965
    • Complete online via the online complaint form 
    • For general enquiries please contact us online
    • If you don’t speak English, call the telephone interpreter service on 13 14 50
    • If you have hearing or speech difficulties, call the TTY service on 13 36 77
  • How will ATCO manage my complaint?

    Whichever channel you choose to lodge your complaint, we will acknowledge and respond to you within two business days of receipt, advising we have recorded your complaint for investigation and resolution.

    We will keep you informed of resolution progress and contact you within five business days to work towards a resolution.  Our aim is to resolve your complaint within 20  business days with regular agreed updates along the way.

  • What if my complaint relates to a function ATCO does not perform?

    In some cases you may have a complaint that relates to another organisation.  When we receive a complaint that does not relate to our products, services or staff, we will advise you of this, and if known, tell you who to contact.

  • How will ATCO record and ensure confidentiality for my complaint?

    We will keep all details regarding your complaint confidential and your privacy respected at all times as per our privacy policy.

    A record of your complaint will be maintained and kept within our customer information system.

  • What if I’m not satisfied with the response ATCO has provided?

    The quickest way to get a resolution to your issue is to allow us the opportunity to investigate your complaint and attempt to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. 

    However, following our response, if you are still unsatisfied you can request to have your complaint considered by a senior employee.

    If we are unable to resolve your complaint, the Energy and Water Ombudsman of WA is an independent, free service available to residential and business customers responsible for resolving disputes that cannot be resolved internally.  The Energy Ombudsman of WA can be contacted on the free call number 1800 754 004.

  • How do I provide a compliment or general feedback to ATCO?

    We welcome compliments as they recognise our staff members or departments who have exceeded our customers’ service expectations.  They also allow us the opportunity to formally recognise our people for providing a great customer experience.

    By providing general feedback on our people, processes or systems you can help us continually improve in all facets of our business. If we don’t hear or know if there is any area for improvement, we can’t fix it.

    To provide a compliment or general feedback, you can:

    • Contact us on 13 13 56, (business hours, Monday - Friday, except public holidays)
    • Complete an online enquiry via the enquiry form​ 
    • Write to us at Locked Bag 2, Bibra Lake DC, WA 6965​

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