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Reinstatement after ATCO Works

Reinstatement after Project Works

In order to manage and maintain the natural gas distribution network effectively, ATCO has the power to enter properties and undertake maintenance or construction work relating to the network.  Work performed by ATCO on the property may include digging, felling or removing trees, and removing paving, driveways, fences, reticulation and other materials, as well as laying down ATCO’s equipment.  We may also need to install equipment to part of a house, building or other structure.

When undertaking maintenance or construction works on your property, we will endeavour to cause as little inconvenience or damage as is reasonable and practical.  If our works cause physical damage to your land, premises or other property, we will endeavour to make good that physical damage, unless the work has been undertaken in respect of a new connection or other situations where we are not responsible.    

We will also ensure, so far as is reasonable and practicable, to avoid obstructions to land or streets, and to minimise danger from works or installations that are above ground.

The following information provides more details on the type of reinstatement work that may be conducted by ATCO when undertaking maintenance or construction work relating to the network, other than where the work relates to a new connection or other situations where we are not responsible.


Gardens and Reticulation

For most types of works, including maintenance and project works, if ATCO works have caused disturbance to your verge or garden, we will endeavour to make good. While it is not practical to return a well-established lawn to its original condition immediately after it has been excavated, generally we’ll re-seed and top dress any affected areas so new grass can grow in, and repair any damage caused by the works to reticulation. This can take some time to schedule in, so please allow 15 working days following completion of works. Please note that lawn restorations are dependent upon existing soil conditions, watering, rainfall, and garden maintenance.

Where plants need to be moved to undertake the work, we will attempt to replant them where practicable, replace them, or offer alternate compensation.  Trees and larger plants are dealt with on a case by case basis, and we would generally engage with you prior to the works, where practicable, if they need to be removed.

Past 15 working days and not complete yet? Let us know via our feedback form.


Driveways and Footpaths

Unfortunately, sometimes ATCO crews or contractors will need to lift up sections of a driveway or footpath to access assets beneath. When this is necessary, a temporary reinstatement may be undertaken to allow for access whilst full reinstatement is scheduled. We aim to complete all permanent driveway reinstatements within five working days of completion of works, however, under some circumstances, it may take longer due to wet weather, permit or traffic management requirements.  These works will be attended to as soon as conditions permit and approvals have been obtained.

We will fix the section of driveway we have damaged only, and not replace an entire driveway or footpath. While we will endeavour to match the existing concrete or paving to the extent reasonably practicable, we may not be able to get an exact colour or style match.

Similarly, if we need to remove fences, garden beds or other structures to access assets beneath them, we will reinstate those structures to the extent reasonably practicable.

Sometimes due to product age, availability, intricate materials, or colours and patterns used, exact matches to existing driveways, paths, fences or other structures may not always be achievable. In these situations, we will discuss the available options with you before proceeding with any final restoration work.

Have a question regarding the reinstatement of a footpath, driveway or other structure? Get in touch using our feedback form.


Timing for Reinstatement after Project Works

ATCO has a range of ongoing projects across the gas network, ensuring we continue to deliver a safe and reliable supply of natural gas to our customers. If we’re currently undertaking replacement works in your area, you may notice works being carried out outside your property, then see further works a week or two later. This is normal, as the work is undertaken in stages, including replacement of the gas main (along the road), commissioning of gas to the new main, and replacement of gas services (from the street to your meter box). Typically, this will take around 3-5 weeks in total.

Once the final stage of works is complete, we aim to complete all required reinstatement works in 15 working days. If you’d like to enquire as to the current status of works in your area, drop us a line using our feedback form. For more information on ATCO’s ongoing projects, please visit our Outage & Planned Works Map.

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