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Gas Outage & Planned Works Map

At a glance, see gas outages and planned works that might impact gas supply in affected areas. Events will be updated as gas outages are reported and throughout a planned works project where our customers gas supply may be affected.

A Gas Outage is an unexpected interruption to the gas supply for homes and business within the affected area. ATCO responds to gas outages with priority and most outages are restored within a matter of hours. 

Planned Works are works that ATCO are undertaking, sometimes over a large area like a whole suburb. In order to maintain a reliable gas supply to homes and businesses, we sometimes have to carry out planned maintenance and therefore may need to temporarily interrupt your gas supply. Where planned interruptions occur you will be notified. 

For more information on projects, see our project section.

For more information on the WA gas network, see our network section.

For more information on your gas meter, see our meter section

Can you smell gas?

If you can smell gas, please contact ATCO's Faults and Emergencies number on 13 13 52 or notify us online

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