Report a Gas leak

Can you smell gas?

Report a gas leak online. Gas is a flammable substance with a distinctive odour, similar to rotten eggs. The rotten egg smell is added to natural gas to help you detect gas leaks. If you can smell rotten eggs, it could be a gas leak.

If you smell gas and are inside a building, always eliminate ignition sources (don’t smoke, use electrical appliances, light switches or mobile phones) and move away from the area quickly, then call ATCO on  13 13 52

If you smell gas and are not inside a building, you can either call ATCO's Faults and Emergencies number on 13 13 52 or report the smell of gas online via the Gas Leak Reporting form online. 

When used properly, natural gas is a reliable, safe and efficient source of energy for your home or business. 

Report a gas leak

Can you smell gas? If you are inside a building, please leave the area immediately and call 13 13 52. If you detect a gas leak and are not inside a building either call 13 13 52 or report a gas leak online via the online form. 

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