Natural Gas in WA

Benefits of Gas

Safe, Cost Effective and reliable

As a source of energy, natural gas has it all. It’s reliable, safe, cost effective, and less carbon intensive than many other forms of energy. From heating to cooking, as well as more sophisticated applications including co-generation and gas powered air conditioning, there’s likely a gas-based solution that could increase your productivity and reduce your costs.

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Cost savings

Whether you’re a small or large business, finding efficiencies and cost savings is always on the agenda. Maximising the value of your existing natural gas connection can provide real savings, from upfront costs to ongoing energy charges.

Using natural gas over other forms of energy can deliver a greater degree of control over your ongoing business costs. Lower running costs and stable, consistent pricing of natural gas in Western Australia allow you to easily predict your energy costs, and avoid unnecessary surprises. 

Using gas as an energy source can reduce peak electricity demand, remove the need for costly electric transformer upgrades and provide NABERS and Green Star rating benefits.

If you’re looking to maximise the value of natural gas to your business, there are also a number of financial incentives and opportunities for capital contributions for large scale gas powered infrastructure. 

Natural gas powering your business

From air conditioning to power generation, there are many options available, with incentives to reduce your upfront capital costs. Learn how natural gas could help your business.

Environmental credentials

Natural gas can be the smarter and more environmentally friendly energy choice. Not only is there an abundance of natural gas in WA, natural gas also offers a number of environmental benefits over other energy sources.

As the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, using natural gas could help your business reduce emissions and improve its carbon footprint.  Lowering your emissions in your building helps improve your NABERS and Green Star ratings –indicators that are increasingly important to government, industry and consumers alike. 

Natural gas has fewer impurities and is less chemically complex, so its use can result in less pollution.

Compared to oil and coal, natural gas produces less:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the primary greenhouse gas
  • Sulphur dioxide, which can cause acid rain
  • Nitrogen oxides, which causes smog
  • Particulate matter which can affect visibility as well as people's health.

Some of our business solutions, including gas powered air conditioning, and co-generation and tri-generation solutions can reduce your emissions even further. 

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A stable and reliable supply

When you’re working hard for your customers, you need to know you can rely on the energy that’s powering your business.

With natural gas you can count on a stable, reliable supply. There are over 780,000 consumers in WA connected to natural gas. Unplanned interruptions are rare, and unlike gas stored on site, natural gas supplied by the ATCO distribution network will always be there for you when you need it, allowing you to concentrate on serving your customers and growing your business.

Some of our more sophisticated solutions can also help give you independence from the electricity grid, enabling you to easily manage any electricity outages, and perhaps even give you the edge over your competitors.

Commercial applications

With natural gas connected to your premises, the sky is the limit when it comes to putting it to work for your business.

  • Commercial cooking

    If you’re in hospitality, natural gas is the natural solution to your energy needs. The instant heat and superior level of control natural gas provides make natural gas cooktops, ovens, fryers and steamers an obvious choice for commercial and retail kitchens.

    Preferred by chefs around the world, natural gas is ideal for all areas of food service - from restaurants, cafes and catering businesses to hotels and hospitals.

    Not only is it easier and more effective to cook with, but natural gas is generally also a more economical way to fuel large scale food preparation.

  • Heating

    Whether you need to heat an indoor or outdoor space, natural gas is a great solution to keep your customers warm.

    Inside, decorative natural gas heating can create ambience, while also keeping your patrons toasty warm.  Convenient, clean-burning, heat controlled and with potentially lower running costs, a natural gas log fireplace can provide an attractive and welcoming solution to your heating needs.

    Outside, natural gas can provide an inexpensive way to provide comfortable and attractive outdoor dining for your customers.  In Australia, alfresco dining is almost expected, and given our relatively temperate climate, can be an option year round. By installing natural gas outdoor heating you can maximise the use of all of your space even in the cooler months as well as add comfort and ambience to your venue.

  • Gas powered air conditioning

    Gas Powered Air Conditioning (GPAC) is similar to traditional electric systems with the difference being a small gas engine drives the outdoor compressor unit rather than an electric motor.  Available in reverse cycle allowing for both cooling and heating, it has a raft of benefits in a commercial setting.

    Gas Powered Air Conditioning can help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and your energy costs. Installing a GPAC system can also help reduce your demand on electricity, helping to lower your costs associated with electrical infrastructure, running costs and potential upgrade costs. 

    While GPAC might be a new concept for many of us in WA, the development of natural gas powered air conditioning was supported by the Japanese government in the early 1980s as a potential solution to Japan’s peak electricity problem. With energy costs continuing to put pressure on budgets, GPAC is definitely an option worth considering – particularly in large scale commercial settings

    Find out more about how we can help you harness the value of natural gas and give you control over the temperature at your facility. 

  • Natural gas fuelled generation

    Did you know you can harness the power of natural gas to produce electricity, heating and cooling, all on site at your business?

    While not an option for everyone, generation (electricity), co-generation (electricity and heating) and tri-generation (electricity, heating and cooling) are real possibilities for many businesses, decreasing energy costs and increasing efficiency.  Because you’re using less fuel to generate the same amount of energy, you’ll also be reducing your carbon emissions and potentially improving your NABERS and Green Star ratings

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WA's Energy Future

What does the future hold for energy in Western Australia? ATCO are working hard to ensure a clean, reliable and affordable energy future for all Western Australians.