Natural Gas in WA

Working safely around natural gas


When used properly, natural gas is safe and efficient source of energy for homes and businesses.

Safety is a primary focus and our employees and contractors are fully trained and qualified to ensure the continual and safe supply of natural gas.

If you’re working with – or around – natural gas infrastructure, read on to find out what you should know before you start.


Dial before you dig

It is important for anyone who is going to do any excavation work to Dial Before You Dig.

Our pipes contain flammable gas which should always be treated with caution. Many gas pipelines also operate at pressures that could be dangerous to people or property if accidentally broken or ruptured.

Dial Before You Dig is a national referral service for anyone wanting to know the location of underground networks (including gas pipes) at a proposed excavation site, or home property.

The simplest way to get the required information is to request plans through the national Dial Before You Dig website. This should be done two full working days before work is due to commence.

Alternatively you can phone 1100 to obtain information on underground networks at your excavation site or home.

Dial Before You Dig is a free service, however a call cost may be charged and some asset owners reserve the right to make a modest charge for some plans.

Neglecting to obtain Dial Before You Dig plans prior to excavating can lead to costly disruption to essential services as well as potential injury or death to workers and the general public. It can also lead to heavy financial penalties.

Before carrying out any excavation work it is your duty to find the location of our pipes. Dial Before You Dig offers a simple way you can do this.

You’ll find more information on the Dial Before You Dig website.



Download ATCO's guide for working around gas infrastructure. 

Working around gas infrastructure

If you’re planning to conduct work around our gas distribution network, there are a number of things to consider to ensure your safety as well as that of the local community.

In addition to requesting Dial Before You Dig plans, you can also find some handy information in this handbook which covers topics including:

  • Understanding ATCO’s gas distribution network
  • Planning for works around the network
  • Identifying the location of buried pipes
  • Safely conducting activities around the network
  • Mandatory requirements for working around Critical Asset Gas Infrastructure


Can you smell gas?

Hit a gas line?

If you have hit a gas line during construction, immediately contact our Faults and Emergencies team on 13 13 52* (24 hours).

It’s important to make sure gas is turned off at the meter and people are kept clear of the area. Always eliminate ignition sources.

* local call fee from anywhere in the state excluding mobiles


Other languages

Natural gas is a safe and reliable energy source when used properly.

To ensure your safety, we’ve had our safety videos translated into languages commonly spoken in Australia.

Watch these videos to find out what to do if you smell gas.