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Land developers

We deliver safe, reliable natural gas to over 780,000 West Australian homes and businesses. As the WA metro area grows, we’re committed to working with land developers to expand our current gas network so we can continue to build and support WA communities.

Through our Capital Contributions Policy we will assess the demand for network expansion and infrastructure upgrades to help land developers in providing natural gas to land buyers.

For more information, contact us.

For a list of approved contractors, please contact our Construction team.

We are focused on growing developer partnership opportunities and increasing the availability of natural gas to new land developments.

Capital Contributions Policy 

ATCO assesses headworks development costs on a case by case scenario and will identify opportunities to co-contribute or to fully meet the cost of extending natural gas infrastructure to new land developments and subdivisions.

Assessment is made based on:

  • Proximity and location of existing infrastructure
  • Size of the development
  • Timing of the development
  • Usage demand

Contact us and one of our Land Development specialists will be happy to help.

Connecting your home

Bought a new home and want to get connected to natural gas? We’ve got all the information to help you connect as quickly as possible.

Subdivision and Gas Reticulation Enquiries

If you are a land developer or a potential major end use consumer and you wish to find information regarding the availability of reticulated gas in the area of your development, contact us.

The information we need includes:

  • Number of lots planned
  • Average size of the Lots
  • Type of development - Commercial/Industrial/Residential
  • Proposed Timeframes
  • An indication of potential gas loads (if known)

ATCO will assess the development and advise if any mains extensions or infrastructure upgrades are necessary, and undertake an economic assessment to determine if a customer contribution is required. Contact us for more detail and one of our subdivision experts would be happy to help you. 

As part of your application for a gas supply to a new subdivision, you give approval for ATCO to erect a 600mm x 900mm sign at the entrance of the subdivision indicating that natural gas is available. We’ll take care of the cost of supplying and erecting the signage.

For more helpful tips for the entire process take a look at our Developers Guide.


Visit the builders section for more information about connecting to the gas network.