Our focus is on growing the gas network to provide greater choice of energy solutions to more Western Australians.

Your safety is of utmost importance, so along with expanding the coverage of the network to take gas to more homes and businesses, you’ll likely see our friendly and skilled staff in the community undertaking important work to maintain, repair, and where needed, replace our existing pipelines.  We do this to ensure the network is able to continue to do its job efficiently and effectively, and provide you with cost effective, safe and reliable natural gas.


The work we do includes:

  • Upgrading and replacing gas mains and services
  • Upgrading of pressure reduction facilities
  • Replacing gas meters
  • Designing and installing infrastructure for business and land developments
  • Designing and installing network expansion infrastructure

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  • What work is ATCO doing?

    ATCO's Gas Division is replacing existing natural gas mains and service pipes with new pipes. We will also be upgrading services for some homes and business as required.

  • Why is ATCO doing this work?

    This replacement project is part of our on-going, state-wide maintenance program to ensure the safety and reliability of our network.

    When the network was first installed many decades ago steel and PVC pipes were used.

    Since that time technological advancements have meant polyethylene (PE) plastic pipes have become the industry standard due to their greatly improved performance.

    As part of our maintenance program we are replacing our ageing steel and PVC pipes with PE so we know they’ll be safe and reliable for many more years into the future.

  • Where will ATCO be working?

    To reduce the impact to traffic and residents, as well as ensure a timely delivery of works, ATCO's Gas Division is carrying out works in different areas within the project area at the one time.

    Prior to commencing any activity in your street a letter will be delivered to your home notifying you of the type of work to be undertaken and an estimated time-frame in which it will be carried out.

    Please note that work by ATCO is subject to weather and site conditions which may result in changes to the schedule. In the event of changes, ATCO will update this page as soon as possible.

  • My Gas is turned off, what should I do?

    If your gas supply has been switched off as part of our work to upgrade the network, your appliances will need to be re-lit.

    • If you are at home: ATCO will check the safety of your gas pipework and re-light your appliances.
    • If you are not at home: ATCO will leave an information card in your letterbox explaining how to safely restore your gas supply.
    • As part of our works, we are required to test your supply pipework to your appliances. In the event that we detect a leak, you will need to engage a registered gas fitter to repair the leak before the supply can be restored

    If you have any trouble restoring your gas supply or would like assistance, please contact ATCO on 13 13 52 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

  • Current Works

    For a list of all current project works please see our Gas Outages Map.

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