working around gas infrastructure

Critical Asset Gas Infrastructure

To help you better understand our gas infrastructure, ATCO has prepared an information handbook for anyone planning and conducting works around the gas distribution network. 

The information in the handbook provides additional information and further guidance after conducting a Dial Before You Dig request, helping you carry out your works safely. Some topics covered by the handbook include: 

  • Understanding our gas distribution network
  • Planning for works around the network
  • Identifying the location of buried pipes
  • Safely conducting activities around the network
  • Mandatory requirements for working around Critical Asset Gas Infrastructure


Please review our handbook for more information: Additional Information for Working around gas infrastructure

To lodge a submission, please complete the online form via the Critical Asset Notification Request form, including the full scope of works, methodology, machinery and all relevant plans and proving information. For more information on Critical Asset Requests, please see the Critical Asset Request page. 

Please find ATCO’s list of External Approved Locators here for your convenience. 

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