Energy Future

the 2020-24 plan

ATCO is the owner and operator of the major gas supply network in WA. We’re continuing to work hard for the people of Western Australia to ensure that gas remains safe, reliable and affordable – now and in the future.

Customer Consultation

Understanding your needs is crucial so we always seek community feedback on our plans. We’re pleased to report 95% of customers we consulted supported our investment plans for the next 5 year period.

WA's Energy Future Report

What will 2030 bring? To help policy makers prepare for an uncertain energy future, we’ve modelled four different scenarios for WA between 2018 and 2030, based on changes in energy policy, technology and customer behaviour.

The Clean Energy Innovation Hub

We're investigating the future role that hydrogen could play in complementing renewables by testing a game-changing hybrid energy solution that injects ‘green’ hydrogen into a micro-grid system at our Jandakot facility.