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Gas Services in High Rise Buildings

ATCO Gas Services Within High Rise Buildings

When working on gas pipework within High Rise Buildings, be aware that ATCO services and risers may be present within these buildings, with billing meters located within the building. Take care to ensure you are only working on the consumer installation downstream of the billing meter, and not working on an ATCO asset. While consumer installations typically operate at 1.25 to 2.75 kPa, ATCO infrastructure operates at higher network pressures.

To ensure you are working on the consumer installation, physically trace pipework back to the ATCO gas meter before commencement of work. ATCO gas meters have ATCO stickers on with a contact number, meter numbers are identifiable, and generally have regulators attached (some older multi occupancy buildings may have one master Regulator supplying all of the ATCO meters)

Note: There are some instances where previous billing meters have been repurposed as sub meters, with meter numbers attached. If unsure whether a meter is a billing meter or sub-meter on the consumer installation, contact ATCO on 13 13 56 to confirm the number of ATCO meters at the property. 



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