Gas Fitters

Inspection Policy Statement & Plan

Inspection Policy Statement & Plan

Gasfitting work must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999 (the Regulations). As part of these requirements, on the completion of gasfitting work on consumer installations connected to ATCO’s Gas Distribution Network, registered Gas Fitters must provide ATCO with a Notice of Completion (NOC) within 48 hours of completion, certifying that the requirements of the Regulations have been met and that the gas installation on which the work is done is safe to use.

ATCO is required to undertake inspections of consumer gas installations to monitor compliance with the Regulations by Gas Fitters in accordance with our Inspection Policy Statement and Plan (Inspection Plan).

The Inspection Plan is prepared and submitted to the Director of EnergySafety for approval in accordance with 13(J) of the Gas Standards Act 1972 and applies to gas fitting work on all types of consumer installations connected to ATCO’s Gas Distribution Network.

If ATCO identify a breach or non-conformance of the Regulations during an Inspection, a Notice of Defect (NOD) will be issued to the Gas Fitter by the Designated Inspector detailing the alleged breach and actions required to be taken to rectify the breach. Depending on the safety implications of the breach, this could result in disconnection of the gas supply.

Gas Fitters who receive a NOD are required to ensure that the gasfitting work is made to comply with the Regulations, and provide a Notice of Rectification (NOR) to ATCO within seven (7) days, confirming that the work has been made to comply.

Gas Fitters if in disagreement with a NOD are entitled to submit a written appeal within 48 hours of receiving the NOD to the Director of Energy Safety. The Director of Energy Safety may confirm, vary or cancel the NOD, with their decision being final.

ATCO also conducts investigations into breaches of gasfitting work, unauthorised gasfitting work, enquiries received by the Building and Energy division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety (DMIRS), gas incidents and injuries. Outcomes of investigations may include issuing of NOD(s) or Inspectors Orders (IOs) and/or investigation reports being submitted to Building and Energy.


Submit NOCs

Submit Notices of Completion (NOC) for gas fitting work via the Building and Energy eNotice Portal. 

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