Gas Fitters

Notifying ATCO

Electronic Notices of Completion

The submission of Notices of Completion (NOC) for gasfitting work is a requirement of the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installation) Regulations 1999, and must be lodged via the Building and Energy eNotice portal.

The Regulations also require that the NOC is provided to the customer within 48 hours of the completion of gasfitting work (r. 28(3a)(c)).

Upon lodgement of the NOC via the eNotice portal, a copy is distributed to you via email, the relevant gas supplier, and the customer if their email address is supplied

If the customer’s email address is not supplied, it is your responsibility to provide a copy of the notice to the customer. 

When available, ATCO recommends Gas Fitters include customer email addresses on all NOC’s they submit.

The inclusion of the customers email address on the NOC:

  • Eliminates the cost to Gas Fitters of providing customers a hard copy or faxed copy of the NOC;
  • Demonstrates Gas Fitter compliance to the Regulations requiring customers be provided a copy of the NOC within 48 hours.


If you are in doubt as to what is required to complete your NOC or would like assistance with regards to lodgement of NOCs, please feel free to contact the ATCO Gas Utilisation Inspection Team on (08) 6163 5106.

Submit NOCs

Submit Notices of Completion (NOC) for gas fitting work via the Building and Energy eNotice Portal. 

Notices of Intent

The notice of intent (NOI) is a Building and Energy Form which has been developed for gas fitters, design consultants or project managers to advise gas suppliers of a likely significant future gas load that may impact our supply infrastructure, and enables us to monitor the progress of the gasfitting work being carried out.

When should you complete an NOI?

An NOI is only required to be completed for the following installations:

  • 'Multi-residential' is a development having 16 or more sole occupancy units or dwellings;
  • 'Multi-storey' means three (3) or more storeys, excluding mezzanine or parking areas;
  • 'Consumer piping nom. size greater than 32mm' means piping of nominal diameter greater than 32mm;
  • 'Class I' is an industrial/commercial gas installation containing a Type B gas appliance; or
  • 'Gas rate greater than 1,000MJ/h' is the total nominal gas consumption of all installed appliances exceeds 1,000MJ/h.


The form can be found on the Building and Energy website, along with useful tips.

The form can be submitted to at us at, as early as possible in the planning/design stage of a project, and well before commencement (six weeks minimum where possible).

Report a Smell of Gas